A greener future – Building the Aussie domestic farm workforce

A greener future is a compilation of grassroots initiatives to build and retain Australia’s domestic farm workforce.

Labour shortages are a significant problem for the agricultural sector. Recent figures suggest that 80 per cent of farmers experience difficulty finding workers at varying points in he year.

Labour shortages in agriculture are not a new issue. The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has been campaigning for a government response to the problem since 2005. However, the industry recognises that the Government cannot solve this problem on its own.

As such, various programs have been established to promote, attract and retain domestic farm workers. most of the programs are driven by the agricultural sector – they are, at their core, ‘grassroots’ initiatives. the NFF is committed to working with industry and Government, to continue to develop a home-grown farm workforce.

Following is a summary of the programs and initiatives available to Australians considering a career in agriculture.

Inspiring a future in agribusiness

An important way of attracting people to the sector is through informing people of all the ages of the various career options in agribusiness, starting with kids.

Click here to see a few of the programs that are doing just that.

Encouraging and enabling careers in agribusiness

A dream of working in agriculture can become reality, through clear career pathways and transition programs from school/university to work.

Click here to see some of the programs available.

Capturing the story of agribusiness

There are many great things about working in agribusiness, and many stories to tell.

Click here to see the campaigns that seek to share these stories and messages with the world.

Employers of choice

A career in agriculture is one to be aspired toward.

Click here to see campaigns which seek to ensure employees are being put first.

Demographic specific programs

Working in agriculture is not for everyone. The programs in the link below are often established by companies and organisations in agriculture and support the sector employing under-represented demographics and those with special challenges.

Click here to learn more about these programs.

Locally-led migration strategies

When it comes to addressing population decline, many regional and rural areas are doing it for themselves. Several smaller communities have established their own migration strategies.

Click here to find out more about these strategies.

See below for the full document.

A Greener Future brochure

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Emily Simpson

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