A note from nbn local: Fixed wireless made easy.

An nbn™ Fixed Wireless connection uses data transmitted over radio signals to connect a premises to the nbn™ broadband access network.

Data travels from a transmission tower located as far as 14 kilometres, to an nbn™ outdoor antenna that has been fitted to the premises by an approved nbn™ installer.

Standard install process

The first step is to place an order for an nbn™ powered plan with the phone and internet provider of your choice. The provider will make an appointment for an nbn™ installer to attend the premises and test for a Fixed Wireless signal.

Once the signal is acquired, the installer may put the nbn™ outdoor antenna on the roof of the main premises, under the eaves or on a wall. Thirty metres of cabling is allowed for by NBN Co in a standard install process.

Non-standard install process

If the installer is unable to receive a suitable Fixed Wireless signal at your main premises, they will check whether one can be received at another appropriate location on your property.

NBN Co advises customers to speak with their installer about options for non-standard installs. If a suitable signal can be located, your installer will advise whether a non-standard install may be possible, using up to 100 metres of cabling.

For example, the nbn™ outdoor antenna can be put on powered buildings (like a shed or garage) close to the main premises, with the nbn™ connection box inside the same building. It may also be possible for the outdoor antenna to be installed on a pole with the cable run through a trench to the main premises.

All non-standard installations, including the construction of any poles and associated trenching, must be carried out by an nbn™ approved installer. It’s important to note that nbn will not be able to install nbn™ supplied Fixed Wireless equipment on any resident-provided, non-standard structure.

It is not possible for nbn to determine whether infrastructure supplied or organised by a resident meets the necessary requirements. A non-standard installation will typically require a second appointment.

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