Are you bushfire prepared?

The temp is warming up and the ground is getting drier meaning it’s time to ask yourself: are you and your property bushfire prepared?

AustralianFarmers have put together a concise to-do list to prepare for bushfire season and what to do in the event of a bushfire.

Prepare your property

  • Maintain grass and shrubbery around your property.
  • Clean out gutters.
  • Ensure gas valves are facing away from your property.
  • Create at minimum of a two meter gap between your house and the treeline.
  • Block any gaps under the floor, in the roof spaces, under eaves, external vents, skylights, chimneys and wall claddings.
It’s important that your farm is ready for bushfire season.

Prepare an emergency kit and an evacuation plan

See the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website for a comprehensive evacuation plan template and list of emergency kit essentials.

When it’s time to act

Before, during and after a bushfire be sure to tune into local news and radio stations for updates and call 000. Otherwise get information based on your state or territory by referring to the below table.

Fire & Rescue NSW Bushfire information line: 1800 679 737
Social media: Facebook or Twitter
VicEmergency hotline: 1800 226 226
Social media: Facebook or Twitter
Tasmania Fire service Information Line: 1800 000 699
Social media: Facebook or Twitter
Alert SA Bushfire Information Hotline: 1300 362 361
Social media: Facebook or Twitter
DFES Emergency Information hotline: 13 3337
Social media: Facebook or Twitter
Emergency contacts in local areas
Social media: Facebook or Twitter
Andrea Martinello

Andrea Martinello

Andrea is the Community & Engagement Officer at the National Farmers' Federation.

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