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Leading beef producer takes climate action

Australian agriculture is proving to be a leader in the field of reducing carbon emissions.

Farmers manage 51% of Australia’s landscape and as a result, are at the forefront of managing the effects of climate change.

The North Australian Pastoral Company (NAPCo) is one of Australia’s largest privately-owned cattle producers, operating 14 cattle stations across 6.1 million hectares of land in Queensland and the Northern Territory with a head of approximately 200,000 cattle.

In 2019, NAPCo launched Five Founders, Australia’s first certified carbon-neutral beef brand, a groundbreaking first for the industry.

NAPCo Chief Executive Phil Cummins said the decision to become carbon neutral came following market research that showed consumers were increasingly wanting produce that delivered a high-quality eating experience and was environmentally and ethically ‘friendly’.   

“Consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever and this is especially the case among younger generations such as Millennials, who want confidence they are buying sustainable products,” Mr Cummins said.

“NAPCo has always prioritised its animal welfare and environmental practices and embracing carbon neutrality has been a natural progression of this.

“NAPCo’s care for animals is also demonstrated in our ‘whole-of-life’ advantage as we breed and raise our own cattle, ensuring good health and full traceability within our supply chain.”

NAPCo’s current markets include Australia, China and Singapore with plans to expand to other markets as the demand for ethically sourced produce continues to grow.

Aside from reducing their overall carbon footprint, Cummins said NAPCo was also committed to conservation activities such as securing land for nature refuge programs and performing carbon sequestration trials.

“We are also looking to trial feed additives that will reduce the amount of methane emitted directly from our cattle,” Mr Cummins said.

“This is the beginning of our carbon journey, not the end, and we will be working to further reduce our footprint.

“NAPCo has prioritised animal welfare and environmental practices for almost 150 years and see it as our duty to find innovative ways to tackle this global challenge.”

Tegan Scott

Tegan Scott

Is the Community & Engagement Officer at the National Farmers' Federation.

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