Solar tech that pulls water from thin air

A US-based solar technologies company is literally pulling water from thin air.

Zero Mass Water‘s solar technology called “SOURCE Hydropanel” extracts water from the atmosphere at a rate of up to 300 liters of water per month providing a healthy, resilient and drought proof drinking water.

The company reached Australian shores in March 2018 and has been successfully adopted with more than 30 projects installed across all mainland states.

“While we are now installed in 15 countries, Australia is an ideal application for our technology given it is the driest and least densely populated inhabited continent,” Zero Mass Water’s Executive Vice President Robert Bartrop said.

“Australia’s water stress is at it’s most extreme in rural and regional parts of the country, which is where we have seen a lot of interest in our technology.”

SOURCE Hydropanels have been installed in a range of applications, including homes and offices, farms, local communities like Gundy, NSW, who do not have access to potable water from mains supply; and isolated locations like Lady Elliot Island, Kangaroo Island, the Pilbara and national parks.

.A standard 2-Hydropanel SOURCE array can product up to 300 litres of water each month, which is the equivalent of 600 regular water bottles for drinking.

“While we are not able to bring rainfall to farmers, we are able to bring them a secure, reliable and great tasting drinking water supply, which they may not have had access to before in drought conditions such as the conditions we are seeing at the moment,” Mr Bartrop said.

These Hydropanels are also producing an environmentally sustainable way for communities to stay hydrated with a standard $7000 2-Hydropanel SOURCE array can produce the equivalent of 600 regular water bottles for drinking per month. It’s also completely off the grid, meaning it does not use any electricity or require any extra infrastructure installments.

Watch the video below to see how it all works.

Andrea Martinello

Andrea Martinello

Andrea is the Community & Engagement Officer at the National Farmers' Federation.

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