Sky Muster helping rural women achieve their career & business goals

As a farmer, a small business operator and a mother to small children, a reliable, affordable internet connection is a necessity for Kelly Pearce.

Based near Yealering in Western Australia, 218 kilometres east of Perth, Kelly is connected by the nbn’s satellite solution Sky Muster and says the technology has changed her business and family life for the better.

“Sky Muster has propelled the success of our family’s farm business and of my agricultural research and science innovation enterprise, Wheatbelt Science,” Kelly said.

Kelly Pearce.

In their grain and sheep enterprise, Kelly and her husband Alan, have converted all of their digital programs to cloud-based systems.

High quality, fast and consistently reliable satellite broadband is really critical for our farm business to run effectively and efficiently.

Kelly’s research company uses Sky Muster to connect with people from across the country and the world.

“I need consistent internet access to run my business as I am often reading and downloading articles and researching as well as communicating with people over email and video conferencing.”

Kelly says a quality internet connection is also about opportunities for her young children.

It’s not just my farm business but also my family that benefits from Sky Muster.

“The fast connection allows my children to access online learning apps and programs that really are clever and important in their learning journey.”

Kelly on her farm in Yealering, WA with her husband Alan and her two children.

Kelly is a participant in the National Farmers’ Federation’s 2019 Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Mentoring Program, an initiative designed to assist rural women to realise their leadership aspirations.

Kelly said Sky Muster was an essential tool to her participation in this program.

“My mentor is based in Canberra and I am in WA. By connecting via Sky Muster we are able to see each other clearly over video and the fast connection allows me to talk openly and honestly.

“For rural women who want to work from home or work remotely, reliable connectivity is critical for them to be able to achieve their goals, whether it be professional or personal,” Kelly said.

“I am always trying to upskill myself and to continue learning and without good internet that would not be possible.

What is Sky Muster?

The Sky Muster™ satellite service delivers the nbn™ broadband access network to homes and businesses in regional and remote Australia, via two state-of-the-art satellites. So, people across mainland Australia and Tasmania, and remote islands such as Norfolk Island, Christmas Island, Lord Howe Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands can now enjoy nbn™ powered plans through Sky Muster™ satellite providers.

As well as the roof satellite dish installed on the home or business, Sky Muster™ satellite connections also require an nbn™ supplied modem to be installed at the point where the cable from the satellite dish enters the premises. This device requires power to operate, and can only be installed by an approved nbn™ installer or provider.

Find out more about NBN Co here.

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