The revolution of technology and farm safety

During Farm Safety Week 2018 Farmsafe Australia is focusing on innovative ideas and practices to promote a safety culture on Australian farms.

Farmsafe Australia Chairman, Charles Armstrong, says that in a time of technological transformation in workplaces, farming too is undergoing a period of exciting technological change as we move into the digital landscape.

Mr Armstrong says the farm sector has a remarkable opportunity to develop innovative solutions and ideas around farm safety.

A part of the technology revolution is NBN Australia’s plan to provide all homes and businesses in regional, rural and remote areas with the same level of access to high speed internet as their counterparts in urban areas by the year 2020.

“Increased connectivity is crucial to the productivity and safety of farmers. A connected farmer is a safe and healthy farmer,” NBN Australia General Manager and State and Social Corporate Affairs, Sam Dimarco said.

According to Sam, NBN are providing innovative services to farmers to help the process of connecting to NBN as seamless as possible.

These services include generators to limit disconnection during power outages, road muster vehicles to provide residents with wifi in areas affected by natural disasters, and distributing easily accessible information on backup plans if there are power outages and how to retain your landline services while connecting to NBN.

Emily Simpson

Emily Simpson

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