Don't panic. Aussie farmers have your back.

Panic buying has left supermarket shelves looking empty, but thanks to Aussie farmers there is plenty of food to go around.

Farmers are reminding Australians that there is no shortage of food.

Farmers are getting on with the job of producing the abundant food and fibre Australians enjoy.

Panic buying may leave supermarket shelves looking bare, but there is more where that came from. 

That’s because these basic facts haven’t changed…

Australia's food security

100 th

Putting us in the top 6% of countries on the planet.

1 %

Meaning we don’t need to look far to find more!

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That’s around three times our own population!

If food is so abundant, why are supermarket shelves so bare?

The amount of food we’re growing hasn’t changed, and it won’t – even as the coronavirus crisis worsens.

Another thing that hasn’t changed is consumption. Australians are still eating at the same rate they were last month.

What HAS changed are our buying patterns, which are putting pressure on distribution of food and groceries in those final links of the supply chain.

Shoppers see empty shelves and worry there is a food shortage – when in fact this is not the case. 

If we return to our normal shopping routines there will be more than enough for all Australians.

Meet the farmers

Food Security Facts

Common questions about our most important staples

Australians love their bread, cakes, biscuits, pastries, cereals, pasta, snacks and other wheat-based products.

People across the world also love Aussie wheat. On average each year, our farmers produce about 19 million tonnes of wheat. About 10 million tonnes is exported for the world to enjoy.

Australia’s dairy cows produce about 8,800 million litres of milk each year.

About 65% of this milk is consumed by Australians, the remainder is exported.

On average Australians consumer up to 46 kilograms of chicken each year.

Almost 100% of the chicken enjoyed by Aussies is grown right here in Australia.

Each year Australians eat about 26 kilograms of beef per person.

Our farmers produce on average 2.24 million tonnes of beef and veal p.a. In 2017-2018 Australia exported 61% of the beef we produced.

Even if Aussies tripled their annual consumption of beef, they’d still be plenty more where that came from!

Australians enjoy about 8 kilograms of lamb every year.

Our farmers produce about 532,00 tonnes of lamb every year – 61% is exported.

Even if Aussies tripled their annual consumption of lamb, they’d still be plenty more where that came from!

In 2018-2019, the chooks of Australian egg farmers produced 6.22 billion eggs or 518.1 million dozen eggs.

Per capita egg consumption grew to 247 eggs in the 2018-19 financial year (eggs consumed = 247 eggs per person, per year).

More than 95% of the fruit, vegetables and nuts enjoyed by Australians are home grown.

Australia produces around 360,000 tonnes of pig meat every year, more than 90 per cent of which is consumed locally.

Each Australian eats an average of more than 10kg of fresh, locally produced pork every year.

More than 2700 pork producers across Australia turn off almost 5 million pigs a year.

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