It's time to strengthen trespass laws

Activist trespassers are making a joke of our legal system – carrying out brazen invasions of private farms and walking away with a slap on the wrist, only to reoffend. It’s time for governments to act.

In recent months we’ve witnessed a spate of farm invasions by activists who think their opinions place them above the law.

These farm intruders are entering private premises, often in the dead of night, often while streaming live on the internet – all just a stones’ throw from where farmers and their families are sleeping.

Police and the court system have proven powerless to help, with those caught walking away with fines equivalent to a parking ticket.

Penalties have included:

  • a $200 fine for a second offender on QLD’s Sunshine Coast;
  • a $1 fine for the theft of livestock by activists in Victoria’s Gippsland region;
  • one third of the maximum penalty for a repeat trespasser who live-streamed a 2 hour break-in to a WA piggery.
These soft penalties send the wrong message to the radical and well-resourced activist organisations which are coordinating these intrusions.
It’s time for governments to act. Given the proximity to the Federal Election, we’re calling on both major parties to commit to action on this issue – by working with the states and territories on a decisive national response.
Add your name to the petition to send a message that you want our political leaders to protect farming families.


Petition to strengthen farm trespass laws

Ahead of the 2019 Federal Election, I'm calling on all major parties to commit to urgent action to prevent farm trespass.

Farmers have experienced a wave of intrusions by members of militant and well funded activists groups.

The response from our legal system has been woeful, with fines handed down from as little as $1.

It's time the law was changed, to properly protect privacy, biosecurity, and the welfare of families and livestock.

This is a serious national issue, and warrants a national response. I'm joining the call for the Federal Government to intervene, and work with the states and territories on a decisive solution.

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