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Young Australians; Diverse Solutions for 2017 Youth Ag Summit

The Youth Ag-Summit is a global bi-annual conference designed to inspire and connect the next generation of young leaders in agriculture and related disciplines.

In 2017, they will meet in Brussels to create an open dialogue on one of the world’s most challenging questions: how to feed a hungry planet?

Three young Australians have been selected to participate in the third Youth Ag-Summit, which will take place in Brussels, Belgium from October 9-13 2017. The summit, organized by Bayer, together with Belgian young farmers association partners Groene Kring (GK) and Fédération des Jeunes Agriculteurs (FJA), will involve 100 bright young minds from around the world.

This year’s Summit is themed “Feeding a Hungry Planet”, and aims to address the UN Sustainability Goals of ending hunger, achieving food security and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Youth Ag-Summit: where young thought leaders develop solutions to tomorrow’s agricultural challenges. Visit www.youthagsummit.com to meet the delegates and to learn more about the Summit.

Young people can help tackle global food security challenges

The 3 Australia delegates, Sam Coggins, Yang-Ming Goh & Christopher Young, will be will each bring a fresh perspective to the challenge food security during the conference.

Christopher’s essay focused on commercial supply chains, research and development, and the exporting of farm skills, whilst Sam wrote about the need for values based communication to address the seemingly universal stigmas surrounding genetic modification .

Yang-Ming took a different approach and expressed the necessity of urban farming and the resulting advantages for urban communities including higher nutrition content, fresh produce, reduced carbon footprint, air quality improvements and the greening of urban landscapes.

The three Australian will join delegates hailing from 49 countries and aged between 18 and 25, who share a passion for agriculture and a vision of a world without hunger. During the summit (, they will share their diverse experiences and work together to generate innovative, sustainable and actionable solutions to global food security challenges. Across five days, delegates will undertake group projects and participate in industry tours, as well as learning from expert guest speakers. Their mission is to come up with concrete new ideas which can drive agricultural progress across the globe and be put into practice back home.  

“The agricultural industry can contribute strongly to achieving some of the key UN Sustainable Development Goals, but this also requires the active involvement of the next generation. The Youth Ag-Summit aims to give young leaders the opportunity to foster their ideas, share best practices and explore the role of modern agriculture in feeding a hungry planet,” said Liam Condon, member of the Board of Management of Bayer AG and head of the Crop Science Division. 

Participants selected through an essay contest

To be considered for participation, prospective delegates were required to submit an essay of 1,500 words on the topic of food insecurity. A total of 1,187 essays from 95 different countries were submitted; all of which were reviewed by a panel of industry experts.

 “FFN understands the very real need to nurture leaders to ensure we can address the challenges facing agriculture both locally and globally, which is why it is so important organisations like Bayer provide young Australian thought leaders such as Chris, Sam and Yang-Ming the opportunity to have their voice heard,” said Dan Korff, Chair at Future Farmers Network Australia (FFN).

“We’re thrilled Chris, Sam and Yang-Ming now have the opportunity to discuss global challenges and local perspectives with their fellow delegates from around the will be able to bring back real, actionable solutions.”

Building on the Canberra Legacy

The 2017 summit follows the successful Canberra summit, held in 2015. 100 delegates drafted the Canberra Youth Ag Declaration <link>, and took it to the United Nations Committee for Food Security, but most importantly, they built networks and leadership skills to tackle food insecurity everwhere.

About the 2017 Youth Ag-Summit

The Youth Ag-Summit is a global bi-annual conference designed to inspire and connect the next generation of young leaders in agriculture and related disciplines. In 2017, 100 young leaders aged 18 to 25 will meet in Brussels, Belgium, to create an open dialogue on one of the world’s most challenging questions: how to feed a hungry planet? Following previous editions hosted in Canada and Australia, this year’s Summit is the first to be held in a European city. The Youth Ag-Summit is part of Bayer’s Agricultural Education Program which aims to raise global awareness about farming and food supplies. Find out more about the Program at www.ag-education.bayer.com, https://www.facebook.com/BayerAgEdu/, or on Twitter @BayerAgEdu.

About Future Farmers Network

Future Farmers Network (FFN) is Australia’s only national youth agricultural network that connects and supports young Australians involved in rural industries. Operating since 2002, FFN connects youth involved in all facets of agriculture and provides members with access to the latest news, events, scholarships, awards and information from across all aspects of the Australian agricultural sector. To learn more about FFN visit: http://www.futurefarmers.com.au

About Groene Kring

Groene Kring (GK) is an association for young farmers in Flanders, Belgium, which counts around 3,500 members. GK brings young farmers together via regular activities and events, organizes entrepreneurship education, and protects the interests of young farmers on a regional, national and international level. For more information, visit: www.groenekring.be

About the Fédération des Jeunes Agriculteurs

La Fédération des Jeunes Agriculteurs (FJA) represents young farmers living and working in Wallonia, Belgium. FJA represents the views of 2,800 members, advocating on their behalf at a regional, national and European level. As an official education provider within the agriculatural sector, they also organize training courses. For more information, visit: www.fja.be

This article first appeared on Linkedin: Richard Dickmann, Bayer Australia Limited

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