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A good way of life

Ian Conway and his wife Lyn have been at Kings Creek for almost 40 years. Here, Ian speaks with Regional Voices about the transformation of Kings Creek Station in the Northern Territory.

34 kilometres from Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory is Kings Creek Station. What was once a traditional cattle station has been transformed into a mixed operation including a thriving accommodation enterprise.

Ian Conway and his wife Lyn have been at Kings Creek for almost 40 years. After seeing the opportunity for accommodation as people drove through on the way to Kings Canyon, over the years this side of the business has become their main source of income.

You get to feel the country, get to feel the people, see a bit of wildlife, eat a bit of dust - it's a really good way of life.
Ian Conway, Kings Creek Station

They employ about 20 people on the station from all walks of life. Some are locals, some arrived for a tree-change and never left, and it’s a popular place for backpackers to come for 3 – 6 months to experience a slice of life in the outback. Ian chatted with Kendi Burness-Cowan about working on the station and the lasting impact the experience has on people’s lives.  

Ian says the job isn’t easy, but it depends on what you make of it. Each day is different – you can’t predict, for example, when a camel is going to escape from the yard and you’re going to have to chase it around the paddock. Different people with different backgrounds and experience come to work together and approach each day as it comes.

Listen to Ian spekaing with Regional Voices here.

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