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Lending a hand to save lives

Prime Super is proud of its ongoing support for Lifeline - the national charity providing 24/7 crisis support and suicide prevention services.

In Australia, seven people lose their lives to suicide every day. That’s twice the national road toll and amounts to a significant challenge for our society as a whole.

Prime Super CEO Lachlan Baird said he is proud of the contribution Prime Super has been able to make again this year.

“Our members can be proud that their super fund is making a strong contribution to the social fabric of Australia, by helping to turn the tide against the alarming rates of suicide in this country,” said Mr Baird.

About Lifeline

Each day Lifeline answers around 2,200 calls from people who are doing it tough, with about 120 of those being calls from people at high risk of suicide. In FY16, Lifeline expects that number to increase to more than a million calls from those in crisis; more than double the number received five years ago.

A crisis is considered a very individual reaction to an event or experience and while one person may be extremely affected by an event, another person experiencing the same event may have little
or no negative effects.

However, if a crisis is not dealt with in a healthy way, it can lead to longer lasting mental health issues, as well as social and physical problems.

The partnership at work

This year, Prime Super’s support of Lifeline’s paid overnight service helped it significantly increase the number of calls it answered each night between the hours of midnight and 6am.

Also in 2015, Lifeline implemented two new essential help seeking tools including a wallet card outlining three practical tools to help people prevent suicide, and a downloadable mobile app providing a directory of free and low cost health and community services available around the country.

“We are pleased to support the incredibly valuable work of Lifeline and we share its vision of an Australia free of suicide,” said Mr Baird.

The ongoing corporate partnership between Prime Super and Lifeline helped to ensure the national charity’s 13 11 14 crisis line answered more calls this year than
ever before in its 52-year history.

Find out more

For more information about Lifeline’s crisis support and suicide prevention services, visit lifeline.org.au.

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