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State and Territory Landcare Awards

Held since Landcare’s inception, the Landcare Awards acknowledge and celebrate local Landcare achievements at state and territory and national levels, all across Australia.

The Landcare movement developed nationally in 1989 as a result of farmers and environmentalists uniting to care for our land and water. Farmers realised it made good business sense, and environmentalists realised they needed to work constructively with farmers, as managers of over half of Australia’s land mass. It is estimated there are now more than 6 000 Landcare, Coastcare, Bushcare, Rivercare and other related community and farmer groups in Australia.

This year, the 2017 State & Territory Landcare Awards will be taking place, with nominations invited from Landcarers across the country from late April.  Awards events will take place in each state and territory later this year, with winners from the nine national categories going on as finalists in the 2018 National Landcare Awards.

Recognising our Landcare champions is vital for sustaining Landcare and its future. The awards are a mechanism to celebrate all that the Landcare community do and can learn from each other.
Tessa Jakszewicz, CEO of Landcare Australia

Nine diverse categories (see below) showcase the achievements and history of Landcare and Coastcare, and above all recognise the invaluable contribution of tireless volunteers to both initiatives.

  • Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award
  • Australian Government Partnerships for Landcare Award
  • Australian Government Excellence in Sustainable Farm Practices Award
  • Australian Government Innovation in Agriculture Land Management Award
  • Coastcare Award
  • Landcare Community Group
  • Junior Landcare Team Award
  • Indigenous Land Management Award
  • Young Landcare Leader Award

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will sponsor the Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award, Australian Government Excellence in Sustainable Farm Practices Award, Australian Government Innovation in Agriculture Land Management Award and the Australian Government Partnerships for Landcare Award.

Anyone involved in projects that care for our land or water is welcome to apply. Landcare is a grassroots movement of individuals and groups focusing on managing the environment in their local area. Within the Landcare Awards, the term 'Landcare' refers to all groups, individuals, organisations and activities that care for the land. This includes, but is not limited to: Landcare, Coastcare, Bushcare, Dunecare, Rivercare, 'Friends of' groups, farmers, professional farming systems groups, natural resource management, Junior Landcare (including day care centres, primary and secondary schools, youth groups, scout groups, etc.), Urban Landcare, and Indigenous Landcare.

Nomination are now open and will close on the following dates.

  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT) - 31 July 2017
  • New South Wales (NSW) - 16 June 2017
  • Northern Territory (NT) - 4 September 2017
  • Queensland (QLD) – 4 September 2017
  • South Australia (SA) - 15 July 2017
  • Tasmania (TAS) – 15 September 2017
  • Victoria (VIC) - 23 June 2017
  • Western Australia (WA) - 26 June 2017

All winners at the state and territory level will go on to be finalists at the 2018 National Landcare Awards.
Information for anyone interested in finding out more or submitting a nomination can be found here.

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