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  • Seed diagnostics offer insight into crop performance

    Hello, Today’s farmers pride themselves on using technology and science in their operations. They soil test to formulate the right nutrient package needed to maximize yield, use specialized seeding equipment, GPS Read More

  • What is grown? Where? How?

    Hi everyone, I am part of an international project willing to reduce wastage, lower the carbon footprint and bring locally sourced produces to customers living/working in hubs through food delivery. For this Read More
  • Migration Agent Adelaide

    Joy William has had a 9-year career as a writer, scholar, and public intellectual. Working with a Law Firm in Perth, Australia from 2011. Previously, Mr. Cooper worked as a Read More
  • A New "disruptive technology" - Coals to Liquid Biostimulant at 1/10th the price

    Hi all, Apologies for the long post but I just wanted to create some discussion/awareness and information on a small Australian company, Greenpower Energy LTD (GPP) listed on their Australian Stock Read More
  • Outcomes of water markets

    Hello, I am a student of the Geneva Business School of Administration in Switzerland and I am currently doing by Bachelor thesis on the Australian and Californian water markets. Do you Read More
  • Funding Sustainable Practice Adoption.

    Working in the extension and delivery of BMP for farming sustainability especially with water quality I see every day the impediments to the adoption of sustainable practice change. Our primary producers Read More
  • for animal husbandry based farmers

    Hello my name is Catherine Griffiths I have chosen animal husbandry as my topic for research project and would appreciate if anyone could answer some questions for me? the questions are: What Read More
  • Fence Monitoring Technology

    Hi everyone, I'm part of a team of engineering students who are looking to design a system that can check for fence breakages and send a message to your phone Read More

  • DAS for Cotton - Lighthouse Training

    Much of last week spent on the road in cotton country working with growers on our DAS for Cotton Lighthouse Project. Great to see the tool we've been working on Read More
  • Best drones for agriculture? Help needed!

    Hi there, We're looking to buy a drone for the family farm in the near future. Does anyone have any recommendations? We run a sheep and cattle property - ideally Read More