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Innovation nff:forums/innovation

  • Fence Monitoring Technology

    Hi everyone, I'm part of a team of engineering students who are looking to design a system that can check for fence breakages and send a message to your phone instantly, while using zero power until a breakage occurs. I would be interested to know if many people consider fence monitoring a problem, the price you would value a monitoring system at or if you have any problems that you think are more pressing. Thanks

G'day Chris, Fence repairs and maintenance can take up a lot of time, so any system that can help you determine when and where a problem occurs would be handy. I'm interested in how you this would work in practice - is it only for when a breakage occurs? Stock and wildlife can damage and put pressure on fencing infrastructure without actually causing a break. A system that can identify when a fence is being tested or breached would also be useful.

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Hey Chris, breakages in fencing (e.g. cows pushing through) are quite time-consuming and expensive, so anything to alert farmers early is welcome news! The farmers I know love checking on their fences regularly; however, especially during harvest (most farms these days are mixed-farming enterprises) there is little time to check on fences. Good luck with your project! Maxie

Hi. A typical fence failure is from a tree falling across it and pressing it flat. The wires do not necessarily all break but their proximity changes as does their proximity to the ground and ground leakage. Measuring conductor continuity is therefore a bit pointless. Variation in capacitance between wires may help as might ground leakage (except in wet weather). Strain gauges on wires would be expensive but potentially viable - a fallen tree may increase or decrease strain on a fence and this strain propagates a long way. Remote area farmers spend a fortune monitoring fences by light aircraft or 4wd or motorbike circuits.