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Northern Basin Campaign

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) is now considering its final recommendation on the Northern Basin Review.

In its draft recommendation, the MDBA proposed to strip even more water out of production in the Northern Murray-Darling Basin and continue to inflict unnecessary economic pain on irrigation dependent communities.

The MDBA draft proposal was to reduce the total volume of planned recovery from 390GL to 320GL.  To their credit, the MDBA has also said that a “Toolkit” of non-flow measures is important to achieving environmental outcomes.

But the message from Basin communities is simple: let's invest in non-flow options to improve the health of the Murray-Darling, and not add to the pain caused by the Basin Plan. Enough is enough.

The opportunity to provide a submission in support of the campaign to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority has now closed.

Our campaign to make managing the northern basin about #MoreThanFlow is far from over.  

During March, April and May, the MDBA will be considering the submissions that it has received and consulting with the Murray Darling Basin Ministerial Council.

We expect that the MDBA will provide its final advice to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources in June.  The Minister can then choose to accept the recommendations (and table the document in Parliament) or request the MDBA make amendments.

Check in at Australian Farmers from time to time for more news or log your details below and we’ll be in touch when it’s time to lend your voice to this issue again in the coming months.

Campaign supporters

Would your organisation like to join the campaign? Simply get in touch with any of the organisations above!
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2 Responses

    Ian Mott made a submission to Tony Windsors public consultations. on the plan. some years ago . What has happened to all his (Tony Windsor) efforts and documentation? Mott's proposal entailed using the Southern Oceans tidal forces to both keep the Murray mouth open and to regularly flush The Coorong thus eliminating the need to waste fresh river water for flushing. Too sensible perhaps?

    Great to have so many groups co-ordinating on this campaign. Clearly an issue everyone can get behind!

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