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Stop the Basin Basher motion

Help us stop Senator Hanson-Young's naïve assault on the Murray Darling Basin.

South Australian Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young, has moved a disallowance motion in the Senate which would see the recommendations of an independent review steamrolled by politics.

The Basin Plan was created with periodic review and adjustment in mind.

Last year's Northern Basin Review concluded that communities in the Northern Basin were nearing breaking point as a result of water buybacks. It also identified a number of more effective ways to deliver environmental outcomes without the need for buybacks.

The Basin Plan was amended accordingly to moderate buybacks in the Northern Basin and place greater focus on 'complementary measures' to achieve environmental outcomes.

Senator Hanson-Young's disallowance motion seeks to veto this independent advice.

The impact of this so-called 'Basin Basher' motion is twofold. It will:

  • increase job losses in the Northern Basin from 530 to 710 (jobs that small communities cannot afford to lose); and
  • stand in the way of complementary measures, which will improve the health of the Basin overall.

You can help restore sense

The Basin Basher motion can only succeed with the support of a major party.

The Coalition has been quick to reject the motion, however the Labor Party is playing its cards closer to its chest.

Help us send a message to Labor senators, asking them to stand up for proper process, regional jobs, and the environment, by sending an e-mail using our e-mail generator below.



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2 Responses

    Senator Hansen Young is not the only one who has this wrong! Flood waters must be considered as environmental flows so that we can store water in those excess years to use in times of drought. The stupidity of the current scheme is that they do not count floodwater and the same annual release has to happen. This provides extra flooding causing more damage and wastes huge volumes of water that do not need to go down the already flushed out rivers. Water is one of most limiting resources and will remain so until we adopt the Bradfield Scheme or introduce nuclear power generation that produces purified water as a side benefit. To send good water down a river in those years when nature does the job for us is insane. Country people are terrified that the city voting power is being placed in the hands of radical elements who not only do not understand but do not care. One vote - one value has just about destroyed the common sense approach country people instilled into our political institutions.

    She is a twit