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Ricegrowers' Annual Conference Success

The Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia Inc. (RGA) has enjoyed a successful 2016 Annual Conference in Deniliquin late last week.

The conference proceedings were run over two days: with guest speakers and a gala dinner on day one followed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on day two.

RGA President, Jeremy Morton, said he was pleased with attendance this year. "We had around 200 delegates attend conference this year and they all enjoyed hearing from our guest speakers, such as Campbell Newman, Danica Leys, Mike Wade and Andrew Bayly, who discussed different aspects of the conference theme, Looking forward, looking back" Mr Morton said.

"Campbell's presentation, in particular, hit a chord and inspired many of the farmers in the room. He described what farming will look like in the future with the use of new robotic technology currently being engineered by Swarm Farm Robotic Agriculture."

Attendees also received an insight into to social media from NSW Country Women’s Association CEO, Danica Leys, and Mike Wade of the California Farm Water Coalition who both demonstrated its ability to break down barriers between the city and the country and tell the true story of farmers and Australian agriculture.

“Danica and Mike explained social media was a great way to have a ‘conversation’ without the limitations of geographical boundaries,” Mr Morton said.

Mr Morton also said he was excited about the industry’s future, with a number of new younger faces gracing the RGA Annual Conference and AGM.

“Younger farmers are returning to our communities and that is a good thing, and it shows that they are keen to be involved in their communities and their rice industry. The next generation of rice growers are well educated, innovative and forward looking.

It's an exciting time to be an Australian rice grower.
Jeremy Morton, RGA
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