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Biodiversity Reform: Putting the balance back into land management laws

Land management reform designed to give farmers more flexibility and to improve biodiversity is finally a reality in New South Wales.

The NSW Government's biodiversity reform package will now become law after the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and the Local Land Services Amendment Act 2016 were passed in both houses of NSW Parliament.

NSW Farmers’ members are relieved that they will finally witness the repeal of the unworkable and detrimental Native Vegetation Act.

NSW Farmers’ President Derek Schoen said the laws provide the foundation for a more holistic approach to native vegetation management.

'Biodiversity is important to farmers and it plays an integral part of our farming operations. We want it to be vibrant while at the same time have the flexibility to properly manage our farms. 

“It’s extremely important that Local Land Services is resourced and ready to carry out its important functions to engage farmers on-the-ground. We need to start re-building the trust and respect between landholders and government, and this package represents the ideal opportunity to do this.

 NSW Farmers will continue to work with Government to ensure this package will operate in a sensible and practical manner, allowing farmers flexibility in their productive endeavours while contributing to biodiversity conservation.

 The new laws are expected to be enacted in July 2017.

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