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Enter now to win a trip to China!

The National Farmers' Federation is giving you the chance to participate in a delegation to China - as part of a project to forge stronger agricultural links between the two nations.

Sustainable agriculture is a key priority for China and Australia. Farmers from both countries face similar environmental challenges - including the frequency of droughts, floods and bushfires - which take a toll on food and fibre production.

Innovation is key to addressing these challenges and to ensuring a stronger, more sustainable future for both nations.

In collaboration with the Australia-China Council and Future Farmers' Network, we want to connect young farmers, agronomists and scientists from both countries to share their ideas about our farming future.

Are you a passionate advocate for sustainable agriculture, work in the industry and love writing and travelling? Get involved in the essay competition and throw your hat in the ring!
The winner of the essay competition will be part of the NFF’s delegation to China in spring 2017 and will receive free flights and accommodation (dates to be confirmed). In China, you will meet with research & development organisations that are at the cutting edge of sustainable, innovative agriculture and meet Chinese farmers who are implementing novel technologies and practices every day.
During your stay in China, you will be able to share your experience on the Australian Farmers website, posting pictures and blog posts about your adventure.


Essay Competition

To enter the competition, all you need to do is submit the following:

  • a short essay (up to 1,000 words) titled: How can innovation make agriculture more sustainable?;
  • a half page biography on yourself; and,
  • a picture of yourself.

To enter, you must also meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. you must be 35 or younger;
  2. you must work in the agriculture industry (not necessarily on-farm);
  3. you must be a registered user of Australian Farmers or a member of the Future Farmers Network.

Keen to get involved? Simply send an e-mail with the materials above to content@nff.org.au. We look forward to hearing from you!

Entries will close on 30 September 2016, so don't put off your application!

This initiative has been made possible by a grant from the Federal Government's Australia-China Council click here to learn more about the grant.

If you have questions about the essay competition or the initiative generally, feel free to contact us at content@nff.org.au.

More info

The winning essay will be published on Australian Farmers. If your essay doesn't win, we may still want to publish it - but we'll contact you to get permission.
A judging panel consisting of representatives from the National Farmers' Federation and Future Farmers Network will review the essays and decide the winner.
The winner will be decided and announced in October 2016.
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