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Cotton Collective agenda released: register now

Cotton Australia invites growers and industry representatives to attend the upcoming Cotton Collective in Griffith, NSW, a must attend for any growers, new growers or individuals who are interested in getting involved in the cotton industry.

The Collective is the major event on the Australian cotton industry’s calendar for 2017.

Event details (Cotton Collective):

  • Dates: Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 July, 2017
  • Venue: The Yoogali Club 647 MacKay Avenue, Yoogali NSW (10 minutes from Griffith)

Registration is essential

Registration is available at no cost but is essential for catering purposes.

Click here to register


Day one (8am to 5pm, 26 July)

Mini conference with guest speakers covering key industry issues. Topics include:

  • agriculture towards 2030
  • technology for change
  • connected agriculture for smarter farms
  • happy workforce - productive farms
  • the great march south
  • Australian cotton in a global market,
  • challenges for agricultural chemistries

Day two (9am–4.30pm, 27 July)

An introduction to new commercially available technologies and a Cotton 101 session, a must attend for any new growers or individuals who are interested in getting involved in the cotton industry.

To download the full agenda for days one and two, click here

Other events

Growers travelling to Griffith can make the most of their time in town, with a number of major cotton industry events being held in conjunction with the Collective, including:

  • Australian Cotton Trade Show (26-27 July at The Yoogali Club)
  • Australian Cotton Industry Awards evening (26 July). Information on the Cotton Industry Awards is available here. Tickets for the Industry Awards Dinner are available to purchase here.
  • Cotton Australia Annual General Meeting (26 July); and
  • WinCott AGM (26 July lunchtime at The Yoogali Club).
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