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Let’s Talk Workplace Health and Safety

Grazing Best Management Practice(BMP)’s aim is to improve the long term sustainability and profitability of producer’s enterprises, through recognising areas of opportunity and improvement as well as assisting producers to be on a journey of continuous improvement.

Workplace health and safety (WH&S) is a key component of Grazing BMP as our statistics indicate that there is a large opportunity for improvement in this area.

The Queensland Government’s WorkCover Queensland reports that there are over 1,700 workplace related injuries in agriculture per year, with over $22 million paid out annually in worker’s compensation claims.

As a component of the ‘People and Business Module’ within Grazing BMP, workplace health and safety encompasses many areas on-farm to consider WH&S including raising awareness, risk management, training and supervision.

Through this, the Grazing BMP program hope to highlight to producers the importance of ensuring that your farm practices are safe and are up-to-date on laws and compliance.

So what are some steps you can undertake to improve in these areas?

  • Become aware of the legal responsibilities for health and safety of workers, contractors and visitors and take appropriate action to meet the obligations
  • Develop and implement Safe Work Procedures
  • Regular discussion and communication between owners/managers and workers/contractors to ensure a safe work environment is maintained, ensuring that this is a written document
  • Staff are trained in safe work practices
  • Induction for all new workers and contractors before work commences
  • Induction for workplace visitors and details recorded
  • Develop an emergency procedures plan with updates and reviews annually
  • An effective system of communication for remote or isolated work
  • Ensure the First Aid equipment is appropriate to the risks on-farm
  • PPE is matched to work conditions and task-specific requirements and is well-maintained

Many of the forms and resources pertaining to these can be found at https://www.worksafe.qld.gov.au/forms-and-resources or for more information on Grazing BMP, please visit www.bmpgrazing.com.au

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