Activist trespass response tips for farmers

Since the “Aussie Farms” activist map went live in January, the Australian farming community has been bombarded by activist trespassers.

On Monday 8 April 2019 a further ‘major animal activist event’ is set to be staged by a coalition of activist groups across a number of states.

AustralianFarmers wants farmers, their families, and employees to be safe, savvy and prepared when dealing with activist protests and trespassing.

The following tips provide recommendations on what actions should be taken before, during and after on-farm activist activity.

It’s important that farmers understand how to respond effectively to activists.

Prepare yourself and your property

  1. Restrict entry – keep main gates shut and locked.
  2. Erect signage – put clear signs at points of entry, for example: “Warning – no entry without permission from the landowner”.
  3. Always adhere to best practice – whether activists are present or not, we all have an obligation to do the right thing by animals in our care.
  4. Engage with your community – talk with local police, neighbours, and friends and have them on speed dial for a rapid response when called upon for support.
  5. Stay alert – keep a watchful eye on activity on and around your farm, and share information with friends, neighbours and police.
  6. Stay informed – monitor news, social media and online forums to keep up to date with activist activity in your area. You should also read up on your legal rights.

During an activist protest

  1. Call 000 – police have asked us to pass on this recommendation. 000 will yield a faster response than any other police number.
  2. Explain your concerns – tell the emergency operator about the specific threats posed by the activists (for example to biosecurity, animal welfare, WH&S, lost production, etc.).
  3. Record everything – footage of faces and vehicle registration numbers. Note any identifying features of the activists, especially if they interact with livestock or enter your house yard.
  4. Do not use force – even what you consider ‘reasonable force’ may be used against you.
  5. If you need to intervene, be cautious – if you need to intervene to prevent harm to your animals or property, be calm and measured in your response and record footage of your actions.

After a protest event

  1. Provide evidence – give all identifying footage to the police and make a formal complaint.
  2. Consider legal action – you might like to explore your ability to sue identified intruders.
  3. Tag AustralianFarmers – mention us if you post any footage to social media, or send a copy directly to the National Farmers’ Federation. This can be invaluable in our advocacy work.

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) and its member bodies are all tirelessly working to stop extreme activist behaviour on farms and protect our farmers.

Sign the petition below to help the NFF call on the government to strengthen trespass laws and penalties.

Petition to strengthen farm trespass laws

Ahead of the 2019 Federal Election, I'm calling on all major parties to commit to urgent action to prevent farm trespass.

Farmers have experienced a wave of intrusions by members of militant and well funded activists groups.

The response from our legal system has been woeful, with fines handed down from as little as $1.

It's time the law was changed, to properly protect privacy, biosecurity, and the welfare of families and livestock.

This is a serious national issue, and warrants a national response. I'm joining the call for the Federal Government to intervene, and work with the states and territories on a decisive solution.

**your signature**

29,710 signatures = 99% of goal

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  • Good life is about balance not extremism. However sometimes out of chaos there is good .Let’s hope that out of all this conflict and danger that we can convince and educate the activists that the majority of our farming activities are worlds best practice and should be supported and promoted rather than put in jeopardy through their illegal methods.We all wish to promote and ensure best practice ,we need the activists to come on side and help us .The broad brush approach of the activist is currently putting at risk the very goals they wish to achieve

  • Where are these vegans going to get their protein from with out animals.
    If they are going to use soybeans or lentils it will mean a lot more cultivation of farm land and the risk of erosion and more greenhouse gas.
    If Glyphosate is banned and minimum tillage/zero til is impossible it will be even more disastrous for soil.
    Australia does not have much more arable land particularly as the same vegans will oppose damming rivers for irrigation so do we import our food from countries that don’t have our animal welfare standards.

  • Members of animal activists groups should keep their protests to the city where they can be a disruptive element to a greater number of people and prove their point that “ People can be Animals “ rather than individual farmers and farms.

  • Farmers, supporters and Police can all do their job to stop these activists, but unless judges are prepared to hand down significant penalties the terrorists will not be stopped.

  • Absolutely disgraceful Anti-Australian behaviour.
    Find something more constructive to do in your spare time.

  • Nobody has the right to interfere with another person going about their work
    I don’t know why these activists think they have the right to push their narrow minded views on others
    By all means protest but do not disrupt others, better still get a real job and contribute to this great country

  • I want this vegan activist to stop going to farmers and trying to tell farmers what to do on there property’s and destroying their interests this is wrong and its gotta stop .

  • This is terrorism, plain and simply, our farmers have endured so much and now they are being subjected to home invasions. This is Australia. All people need to feel safe in their homes.

  • Since Biblical days, as recorded in the Bible, animals have been killed to provide food for mankind, and we have to credit our Farmers for working so hard, in many instances against all odds to provide our food.
    All animal activist groups should face severe penalties for their actions, and it never fails to amaze me that ‘authorities’ don`t shut them down immediately, before thousands of hard working farmers and general public, trying to just go about their daily lives are affected-dare I say by people that probably don`t know what hard work is.

  • I have farmer friends who are worried for their children’s safety. No one should support such invasive, terrorising behaviour.

  • This needs to be controlled. Everyone needs to have their privacy. If you own the property, weather it be a small block in town, small acreage or large farms, you should have the right to say who can enter that said property. What these people are doing is boarding on terrorism & it has to be stopped & stopped now!!

  • Soo disappointed with our legal system that allow protesters stopping everyday people fulfilling their daily job .These so called protesters ? Have threatened and intimidated good working folk…I am disgusted that very little is done to stop these very unaustralian idiots grrrrrrrrrrr

  • Our judicial system is not protecting the innocent farmers, workers & families involved in these situations. The fines are a joke. No recognition of the stress, loss of income for workers/business owner. How many businesses will close & businesses close down. My heart goes out to all the people affected by these thoughtless activists. The penalty needs to fit the crime. Let’s have a poll & see how many people agree with the animal activists.

  • This is disgraceful behaviour and needs to stop NOW. I would say someone is going to get hurt however they already have. Loss of livelihood, the emotional strain and terror forced on families and business owners. This will effect the whole town not just one person. Lock them up, Australians have the right to choose any legal profession and should never have their rights taken away from them. You have the right to disagree , you do not have the right to force your choices on to others.


  • This needs to stop. People should never force their views on others. They’re putting not only families in a horrible situation but they are scaring the animals. Fines and stronger policies need to be put into place!

  • Vegan vigilantes are criminals they should be arrested and not allowed to interfere in farmers lives and farms

  • So sad to see that extremists are destroying people & businesses
    They’ll grow stronger because our laws are not set up to protect Aussie farmer victims
    Not all vegans are to blame

  • Our farmers should be free to run their businesses without fear and intimidation from these terrorists

  • It is just disgusting that these groups can invade private land and interfere with farming activities and our sense of security.

    This should be severely dealt with by the law.

    If not eventually there will be violence.

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