Animals Australia antics put animal welfare at risk

This week explosive reports have raised questions over the conduct and methods of Animals Australia.

It is alleged that the activist organisation paid workers on live export ships to provide footage of animals suffering.

Ms Simson said payment for footage risked causing the very result the group was supposed to be calling out.

“Farmers more than any other interest group, want the mistreatment of livestock to be exposed and those found to be doing the wrong thing to be brought to account,” NFF President Fiona Simson said.

It’s extremely concerning that Animals Australia has allegedly paid shipboard employees to obtain covert footage.

“Farmers more than any other interest group, want the mistreatment of livestock to be exposed and those found to be doing the wrong thing to be brought to account.”

However, Ms Simson, along with many others, is concerned that when a cash reward is offered, it can act as an incentive to potentially misrepresent or manufacture circumstances where animals are indeed suffering.

The reports said that Animals Australia employees were given “key instructions” on what to film such as heat stress and dead animals.

A live export worker also allegedly made an offer for cash to turn off the ventilation for animals on the ship to cause them further distress in order to get footage for an Animals Australia video.

Ms Simson said the activist group’s “questionable conduct” in no way diminished the seriousness of the problems raised in April.

“Farmers were horrified and appalled by the images broadcast by 60 Minutes.

“Since April we have been working with exporters and Government to see measures put in place to guarantee animal welfare and a sustainable future for sheep exports. This process is ongoing.”

Sheep Producers Australia CEO Graham Smith expressed concern over the activists’ actions affecting an entire industry.

“It is concerning that the questionable behaviour of one organisation could jeopardise an entire industry, and the communities which rely upon it, as well as the food supplies of other nations,” he said.

Animals Australia have previously denied paying any employees for footage but are yet to publicly come forward to face the most recent allegations.

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  • Would “right to farm” legislation be any benefit? I guess “right to produce food, fibre, biopharm and building products” would be more accurate. Those who choose to produce organic for the high-value market would have to accept those who choose to produce sustainable, low-cost food that has dropped the level of starvation in the world. The animal producers would need to be protected from vegan interests.

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