Sunshine state eyes new breed of pineapples

The University of Queensland is leading a project to develop a new pineapple variety that will grow more reliably and predictably which will benefit farmers and Australia’s agriculture industry.

The Australian Government is providing $575,000 to fund the research which will address the biggest issue facing pineapple farming in Australia, premature flowering that leads to highly erratic supply.

Leading scientist at the University of Queensland’s School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Jimmy Botella, said that premature flowering of pineapple plants was bad for the long-term sustainability of the industry but was confident that new technologies could offer new solutions.

“Our new research will aim to help Australia’s pineapple farming industry, by developing a breed of pineapple resistant to premature flowering,” Dr Botella said.

“This has the potential to transform the industry.

“It will create highly planned and managed production for producers and consumers, and eventually, the ability for pineapple growers to expand their reach into new domestic and international markets.

“And farmers using these varieties can also expect to increase their production, improving their bottom line.”

Dr Botella is hoping the research will benefit producers, works and the economy and said it was fitting that the University of Queensland was leading research into pineapple industry given that a majority of Australian pineapples are grown in Queensland.

Member for Ryan in Queensland, Julian Simmonds echoed Dr Botella’s sentiment and said the research would be a boost for producers, jobs and the economy.

“The majority of Australian pineapples are grown in Queensland, we’re a state famous for the Big Pineapple so this research could be a boost for producers, for jobs and the economy.

“I am proud that the research being done right here in Ryan will help Queensland farmers expand their business nationally and expand into international markets.”



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