Telstra cracking down on illegal devices to improve reception

Dropped calls, slow data speeds and poor reception can be symptoms of interference on the Telstra mobile network. Increasingly the culprits for these problems are illegally supplied mobile repeater devices.

Approved devices such as the Telstra Go Repeater, can be used to extend the coverage area over which your device can work. The devices work by wirelessly replicating or ‘repeating’ a mobile signal from a location where signal is usable, helping you to connect to the Telstra Mobile Network from further away than normally possible or to improve coverage in areas where signal may struggle to penetrate, such as indoors or in hilly or dense tree-covered terrain.

However, every month illegal repeaters are causing a disruption to mobile coverage for around 20 different communities across the country. The use of illegal repeater devices is against the law and they cause major interference to mobile phone services. They do this by generating an excessive level of “radio noise” that can degrade network performance for other customers, including those trying to make emergency services calls.

While reception may improve in the immediate vicinity of an illegal repeater, the coverage for people located elsewhere in the coverage area – particularly for those using devices on the edge of the coverage area – is often degraded or even lost completely.

The use of illegal repeaters is causing thousands of Australians to experience poor or intermittent reception, slow data speeds, and loss of business or communications with loved ones. And imagine what it could mean in an emergency.

For these reasons Telstra, alongside the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and state and territory government agencies, are working hard to reduce the instances of illegal mobile repeaters. This includes the use of radio frequency detection tools, capable of approximating the location of active interferers. When these devices are detected, steps are taken to have them removed, which may include ACMA enforcement action. More information about the laws surrounding mobile repeaters can be found in ACMA’s guide for consumers.

It is for these reasons we encourage customers who are seeking to improve their mobile coverage to contact us to discuss the range of network coverage extension devices that are available to suit their needs.

For more information on the devices, customers should visit their local Telstra Store or shop online.



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