How to pick the perfect pear

Not only are Australian pears the perfect winter snack, but they also contain vitamin C to keep the body fighting fit during winter. Here are 5 tips to make the most of this lunchbox favourite.

1. How to choose a pear
When shopping for pears at the supermarket or farmers’ market make sure to avoid fruit with large, dark or soft spots and tears in the flesh. Slight blemishes including the size and markings are totally fine to eat and taste just the same as a regular looking pear!

2. When is a pear ripe?
Pears ripen from the inside out. That means the best way to check if a pear is ripe, is to press the flesh near the steam. If you can feel the pear is slightly soft, it is ready to eat! If you prefer a sweeter tasting pear with a bit of crunch, it’s best to eat it straight away. However, if you like a softer pear, leave it for a day or two before eating.

3. What to do if your pear isn’t quite ready to eat yet
The best way to store unripe pears is to keep them in room temperature conditions. This will allow them to ripen naturally. But, make sure to check them daily so they do not overripe!

4. How to successfully store ripe pears
Ripen pears will last longer and stay fresher if they are stored in the cooler temperature of the fridge. Keeping pears refrigerated will slow down and delay the ripening process.

5. Ways to stop pears becoming food waste
If for some reason you didn’t get around to eating all your pears and some begin to lose freshness, a great way to save the fruit from landfill is to use it for cooking or baking. Pears bring a delicious sweetness to smoothies or work well in an apple and pear pie – or even a jam!

Here’s some more information from Australian Pears.

Maddison Langley

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