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Unpacking the world of alpacas

Mention ultrafine wool and thoughts generally run to Merino sheep but on the far south coast of New South Wales Julie and Peter McClen are on the leading edge of

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Behind the gate of a crocodile farm

Not all farm animals are soft like woolly sheep or docile like grazing cows. Some in fact, would eat you, if given the chance. Crocodile farming is not for the


Hay with heart

“It’s not a hand out, it’s a hand up.” That’s the guiding principle behind the small group of volunteers who are on a mission to deliver hay to farmers dealing


Zucchini and corn fritters

Got heaps of zucchinis in your veggie garden? Or has your friend sent you home piled high with huge zucchinis from a prolific crop? Here is the perfect recipe to

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The healing power of bush honey

Life sounds pretty sweet in WA’s pristine Kimberley when you’re producing beautiful rawbush honey. Given the region has no industry or other pollutants, the bees thrive among the watermelon plantations,

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