#BuyFromTheBush & help drought-affected communities

Australians are being urged to support farmers and communities struggling with drought and ‘buy from the bush’ this Christmas.

Often, as an individual, it is hard to know how to help farmers and the many regional Australians coping with one of the worst droughts in living memory.

A new movement sweeping the internet is providing generous Aussies a way to give and do their Christmas shopping at the same time!

Over the past fortnight, social media pages including ‘Go Country For Christmas’ and #BuyFromTheBush have launched.

#BuyFromTheBush was created with the intention to ‘spread the word about beautiful boutiques and wares from small bush communities’.

The Instagram page features accessories, art and other products from small rural communities and has grown rapidly as more Australians look to support local businesses.

Having just reached over 50k followers, #BuyFromTheBush has helped boost small rural businesses who are currently suffering from a decrease in business as the effects of the drought takes its toll on consumers.

Celebrities and social media influencers such as journalist Sylvia Jefferies have got behind the page.

‘Go Country for Christmas’ was launched by the NSW Government last week with Liberal Senator for NSW, Hollie Hughes, calling for Australians to ‘think outside the box’ when buying Christmas presents.

“The internet allows us to purchase our presents from anywhere!” Ms Hughes said.

“We don’t need to buy from the usual suspects, just go to gocountryforchristmas.com.au and get the same thing you had in mind but buy it from a small regional business.

“These businesses mainly exist because of the agriculture around them and when drought is devastating the land, we need to think laterally about other ways to support rural and regional economies and this is a very effective way to do that.”

The countdown to Christmas is officially on! If you’re starting to plan gifts for your friends, families and loved ones this year, make sure to check out ‘Go Country for Christmas’ and #BuyFromTheBush.


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