Seasonal eating: Good for your health and your wallet

Seasonal eating is something that has become a little trendy of late but why wouldn’t you want to eat seasonally when there are so many benefits to doing so? The practice of choosing foods that are in season with their natural growing cycles isn’t only about flavour and quality, it can also have a positive impact on your health and your wallet.

Good for the environment and your back pocket

When choosing a product that is in season for your area, you significantly cut down on the food miles. This reduces transportation and not only lessens the environmental impacts but also keeps the overall cost of the product low.

When you see at the supermarket, a product of Mexico or Egypt it is likely they have had to import that product from overseas due to it being out of season in Australia. We have gotten use to having all fruits and vegetables available to us all year round but when we see them from other countries and at a higher price point it’s often because it’s not in season.

Full of nutrition

When you are consuming produce in season not only will it be at its freshest and the tastiest, but it will also contain the highest nutritional value. Good nutrition is the foundation for good health and that starts with the food we eat every day.

It’s time to stop overcomplicating what diet we should be following and just go back to basics of eating REAL food. Seasonal eating provides an opportunity to appreciate food in its purest and most delicious form so if you have ever tried a fruit or vegetable before and didn’t like it, it might be time to question did you have it in season and if you didn’t it might be time to try it again.

Fruit and vegetables direct from the farmers market. Photo: Emma Cross.

Time to get creative

We all get in a rut when it comes to cooking dinner every night, but when you choose seasonal produce it allows you to get creative and try new produce you mightn’t usually put in your cart. There are great seasonal fruit and vegetable boxes you can purchase each week where you will get a range of fruit and vegetable that are in season. These boxes are usually cost effective and can take the guess work out of trying to know what’s in season.

What’s in season for March

We’ve pulled together lists of what’s in season this month. Still looking for inspiration? Check out our recipe for super easy and super nutritious for zucchini and corn fritters.

*Main image: Picking fresh veggies straight from the garden. Photo Georgina Morrison.

Hayley Dawson

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  • Hayely, GREAT to know what is in season. Can you please keep this coming & PLEASE add fruit as well. Thanks.

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