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It’s EOFY and we have done a stocktake on the most popular stories. Two clear themes have emerged – Australians want to read about how farmers are taking action on climate change and who is taking to social media to share what farming life is like.

1. Dan Fox – NSW grain grower

THERE’s a quiet revolution taking place on farms across Australia thanks to people like Dan Fox – one of thousands of Australian farmers taking action on climate change by transforming the health of their soils.

2. Tess Butler – Victorian dairy farmer

The Victorian dairy farmer, veterinarian and mother thinks deeply about climate change and the effect it has had on farming, especially over the past decade.

3. Stuart Austin – NSW cattle producer

Stuart Austin notes subtle changes in the landscape each time he shifts cattle to fresh pasture at the 1854-hectare-property. Native plants are emerging and the pasture biomass and ground cover continue to flourish, following a shift in grazing management nine-years-ago.

4. Young farmers take to TikTok to tell their story

Farmers across the country have been turning to TikTok to educate viewers of the platform of life on the land. From funny videos to sharing important farming facts, TikTok audiences have a growing appetite for what life is like on a farm and it’s making young Aussie farmers go ‘viral’.

5. Social media stars sharing their #AgVenture

Ever wondered what a career in agriculture could look like for you? These five fantastic women are chronicling their working life on farm, one social media post at a time.

Stacey Davidson

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