5 social media stars sharing their #AgVenture

Ever wondered what a career in agriculture could look like for you? These 5 fantastic women are chronicling their working life on farm, one social media post at a time.

1. Jess Lehmann / @jess_lehmann
Cotton industry advocate and Plant Health Project Officer, Jess Lehmann has cultivated an intergenerational passion for natural fibres into a successful career in agriculture, spanning 18 years. Through social media, Jess shares her story with her followers, promoting the ag and cotton industries. Her current role as Project Officer for Plant Health Australia has seen Jess collaborate on the world’s first biologically based pesticide called Sero-X® to support global food security.

2. Grace McLeod / @gmac90
Grace McLeod loves being outside. So naturally, becoming a farmer was the perfect career fit for the Victorian. Growing up Grace wanted to be a farmer just like her dad, a dream she now lives out each and every day. Through her Instagram, Grace documents her life and work on the land with incredible photographs (and even more incredible advice!).

3. Mel McGorman / @mel_mcgorman
You may recognise this lovable South Aussie sheep farmer as a Big Brother 2021 housemate… However, Mel McGorman’s Instagram is also a great snapshot into farm life. The mum of three regularly posts Tik Toks of her family working in the yards, paddocks and the country shenanigans of her young children. The Big Brother star has also used her time in the Big Brother house to educate Australians about farming, something she has translated to her social media. Talking about her family’s experience with fire and drought, Mel uses her platform to engage her urban followers.

4. Mandy Matthews / @miss_rae93
Mandy Matthews is a sheep farmhand originally from New Zealand, now living and working in Western Australia. Online, Mandy shares her day-to-day tasks like mulesing, lambing and trimming ram’s horns. She also takes time to explain often questioned farm practices, engaging with her audience to answer questions they may have about her work. Mandy is passionate about educating audiences on the significance of farm work and it’s role in society.

5. Zoe Carter / @zoecarter_australia
Zoe Carter is a ringer and contractor, working where needed, all across Australia. Zoe entered the industry five years ago as a ‘city kid’ with no prior farm experience. She now shares her journey, tips and industry secrets with her 58 thousand followers to inspire others to pursue a career in agriculture! Posting a wide range of videos, from the humorous to the educational, Zoe provides great insights into the industry, making agriculture accessible to all.

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Maddison Langley

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