4 podcast eps that’ll have you considering an #AgVenture

With such a diverse range of careers available in agriculture, it can be difficult to decide which path to choose! That is why the team at Australian Farmers have compiled 4 podcast episodes, featuring a range of traditional and non-traditional #AgVentures, to get you thinking about a career in ag.

Generation Ag

From beef to berries, agvocacy to Australian politics, if it affects the next generation, Generation Ag promise to “dive deep into it”. This podcast features a number of people within the industry, canvassing a wide range of careers in primary industries.

Guy Coleman: Weeds, Tech, and AgriEducate
A stand-out episode features Guy Coleman (@GeezaColeman), a PhD student at the University of Sydney and 2021 Fulbright Scholar, who changed career paths from medicine to agriculture. Now, he works out how plants interact with detection performance, alternative methods of weed control like lasers and developing robots for targeted weed control delivery in ginger crops. If that wasn’t enough, he is also the founder of education platform, AgriEducate.

Ag Tech… So What?

A podcast for those interested in the opportunities the tech space can offer, Ag Tech… So What? host Sarah Nolet talks to leading innovators about the latest ag tech developments and in what ways they will benefit farmers and the agriculture industry – hence the tongue in cheek podcast moniker.

Supplying sustainable beef to McDonalds with Nicole Johnson-Hoffman
In this podcast episode, Sarah Nolet speaks with Nicole Johnson-Hoffman. Nicole has spent most of her career processing and supplying beef to big companies like McDonalds. After 19 years at Cargill, today Nicole is the Global McDonald’s Business Unit Leader and Chief Sustainability Officer at OSI Group, which supplies beef, chicken and fish to the famous fast food outlet.

Humans of Agriculture

Humans of agriculture is on a mission to discover more about our food and fibre system from the people involved in it, by engaging with people from all walks of life. The podcast has the bold aspiration to share 10,000 stories of people involved in agriculture to find out, how ag is shaping our lives.

Episode 67: “Agriculture beyond the farm gate” with Sam Johnston
A particular stand-out interview is with Sam Johnston, co-creator of Thank a Farmer for your Next Meal. Learn about Sam’s journey, creating a social media campaign, highlighting the important work done by agriculture. Here’s a snippet of the episode:

“One of the things I learnt recently comes from Simone Kain when we were writing a press release, she said ‘make sure that kids going through primary school, going through high school, understand that you can be part of agriculture, and you can be in the agricultural industry, without being a farmer, you don’t actually have to be a farmer to positively contribute and positively contribute in a big way to become part of the industry.’”

Women Behind Wool

Women Behind Wool is a podcast series dedicated to telling the stories of influential women, working behind the scenes in the wool industry. From CEOs to researchers, TV hosts and jillaroos – this podcast shows the varied nature of the wool industry and the many available career paths.

Australia’s first professional wool classer Anne Cooper
Anne Cooper speaks with host, Skye about being the first professional female wool classer to work in shearing sheds along the eastern seaboard of Australia. Anne takes audiences back to the 1980s, where her wool classing journey began in Western Queensland, recounting particular stories, including how shearing contractors and farmers, so put out by her leadership, called Union meetings, and in some cases Anne was even asked to provided written reports on her wool classing (a requirement that was never required prior).

Interested in pursuing a career in agriculture? Or curious to find out more? Register for AgDay 2021 to embark on your #AgVenture.

Maddison Langley

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