Woolly workouts: Aussie merino wool in the global activewear race

Activewear is getting a worldwide overhaul – out with synthetics and in with Australian merino wool: the original performance fibre.

Australian Wool Innovation has launched an international “Live & Breath” campaign promoting wool-based sportswear that is more comfortable and breathable when working out than other competing fibres.

The activewear market is the fastest growing sector of the $1.7 trillion global textile business with millennials dominating the consumer base.

Are you a millennial, who values health and wellbeing and has a vested interest in fashion and the environment? Then look out on bus benches during your daily commute to work or on Amazon’s wool performance hub and your favourite influencer’s social media account for the Woolmark band.

The worldwide campaign supports the Australian wool production industry and aims to inform consumers of the natural benefits wool can provide while maintaining a high fashion and environmentally sustainable appeal.

Man-made fibres can’t hold a candle up to the natural abilities Australian merino wool has in moisture management, odour control, all weather protection and breathability.

Merino wool protects its wearer in all temperatures, climates and workout intensities. From a hike up a mountain top, a jog along the beach or weight training in the gym, wool will keep you cooler when you’re hot and reduce post-exercise chill while remaining comfortable and sweat and odour free.

Wool-filled jackets keep the skin microclimate drier (left) and warmer (right) across the torso, compared to polyester-filled jackets.

It’s also 100 per cent natural, renewable and biodegradable therefore reducing our contribution to microfiber pollution in the oceans and on land.

Australian merino wool is a fibre for all seasons and Australian Wool Innovation, along with Woolmark, have taken control of the growing demand of sports and active wear and allowed Australian produce to continue to shine on the global scene.


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