Choose Aussie grown to boost declining farmer morale

A startling 67% of Australian farmers feel the work they do is undervalued by everyday Aussies, but there’s a simple solution we can all take to turn this alarming statistic around.

The National Farmer Wellbeing Report, commissioned by Australian farmer owned dairy cooperative Norco and the National Farmers’ Federation, also revealed 30% of farmers reported a decline in their mental health in the past few years.

The top three factors impacting farmer mental health were weather or natural disasters (47%), financial stress (36%), and inflation and cost pressures (35%).

Quantifying the impact across the country, it found that 88% of Australian farmers have had their farming operation significantly impacted by natural disasters over the past five years, with an average cost of $1.4 million per farm.

Everyone can help reverse statistics

Norco Chief Executive Officer Michael Hampson said it was devastating so many farmers felt what they did wasn’t valued.

“Our farmers really are the backbone of this nation and work tirelessly to deliver essential goods and services to the Australian public, so it’s clear that more work needs to be done to acknowledge this and plug the appreciation gap,” he said.

To help ensure our farmers feel valued, there’s really no better place to start than by making sure that we, as Australians, choose Aussie farmer products over foreign companies and imported products.

A good place to start, is to checking the labelling when buying products to see where they come from.

“This is a simple, first step that Australian consumers can get behind. But beyond this, we also need to consider ways in which we can actively help address the issue of declining mental health within our farming communities.”

The report explores the seriousness of mental health in Australia’s farming community and outlines recommendations to combat this crisis. To read the full report click here.

*If this article you has brought up feeling and you need to seek support, call Lifeline 13 11 14 for 24 hour free counselling in Australia or visit beyondblue.org.au. If your life is in immediate danger, call 000.

Stacey Davidson


  • Oh my goodness!
    This is a terrible perception as, whilst I live in Sydney, I give thanks every single day for our magnificent Australian farmers. Our favourite tv programme is Landline, rarely missed, as we are inspired weekly by your skills, intelligence, tenacity, knowledge, hard work, training, courage, good looks, families and your inspiring stories. And that’s not to begin to mention the delicious healthy food you provide daily across this nation. I could also mention the truck drivers, the farm workers and their families and all the other folk who help to provide nourishment to not only Australians, but other countries. I love you! You bounce back again and again, taking enormous risks, when this raw country throws so much at you, good and not so good, and I have wept with you for what you must cope with. You are so appreciate!
    I am so very grateful for the magnificent Australian Farmers of this land.
    God Bless every one of you!

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