3 reasons why kangaroo is Australia’s most underrated meat

What if we said you could protect the environment and improve your health, just by having a BBQ?

The drought has driven the population of kangaroos in many parts of the country to unsustainable levels. So here at AustralianFarmers we’re proposing a practical solution to the problem: a good old fashioned BBQ. Need more convincing? Read on for our top 3 reasons to get stuck into some roo this week…

1. Kangaroo meat is highly nutritious

Kangaroos are highly active animals that graze on natural foliage, which means that they produce lean, high quality meat that provides you with an abundance of energy.

With less than two per cent fat and being one of the highest protein sources in the meat section of the supermarket, kangaroo meat is one of the healthiest meat choices you can make.

A serving of 150g of roo meat provides the average adult with two thirds (66 per cent) of their daily protein needs.

The minimal fats that are in roo meat are the ones we want – unsaturated fats, including monosaturated and polysaturated fats.

Kangaroo meat is also a fantastic source of omega-3 fats and is packed with iron and zinc. A 150g kangaroo steak can satisfy one third of your daily iron needs.

Iron helps keep our immune system strong, gives us energy, and helps transport oxygen around the body. While zinc is essential for our growth and development.

Roo meat also a strong source of vitamin B12 which helps produce red blood cells and maintain the nervous and immune systems.

Kangaroo meat can be one of the healthiest meat choices for your dinner. Photo: Pastoralists’ Association of West Darling.

2. It’s super sustainable

All kangaroo meat is free range and organic, meaning they are never farmed (not that there’s anything wrong with that). They’re sourced from their natural environment and their upbringing is free from human intervention, antibiotics, added growth hormones, or chemicals.

There is currently an over-population of kangaroos in Australia – 14.5 million kangaroos in NSW alone – which has led to an insufficient food supply.

This means that Australia’s native biodiversity is under threat. The lack of vegetation caused by the over population of kangaroos has also led to many kangaroos dying of starvation.

The kangaroo’s food source and subsequent health woes have been heightened by ongoing drought conditions.

“It’s distressing to see kangaroos dying in large numbers due to a lack of feed and water,” said NSW farmer Derek Schoen.

Kangaroo over population is becoming a problem in Australia’s outback.

The population of kangaroos has increased since white settlement due to an increase in arable land, stock watering points and removal of predators.

According to the Pastoralists’ Association of West Darling, sustainable harvesting of kangaroos for human consumption will assist with population control and keep existing animals healthy.

Eating kangaroo meat will keep the population healthy and the environment healthy.

“Ethically harvesting them with accredited hunters while they are still healthy rather than putting them down when they are already suffering and ruining the environment is the best way forward,” said ecologist John Read.

3. It’s incredibly tasty!

Have you ever tried kangaroo kebabs? Or what about roo bolognese? Or even a kangaroo burger? If not, then you’re in for a real treat because the combinations are endless!

A juicy roo burger. Photo: K-Roo.

Here are our favourite kangaroo recipes from K-Roo.com.au:

Kangaroo kebabs

One pot kangaroo bolognese

Kangaroo Aussie burger

Cooking kangaroo meat is a bit different to other meats. CLICK HERE for the best ways to cook and enjoy a bit of roo.


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