Young farmers take to TikTok to tell their story

Farmers across the country have been turning to the popular social media app TikTok to educate viewers of the platform of life on the land. From funny videos to sharing important farming facts, TikTok audiences have a growing appetite for what life is like on a farm and it’s making young Aussie farmers go ‘viral’.

Here is a list of some rising Aussie farming TikTok stars you should know about:

Farmer Andy

Farmer Andy is a dairy farmer with more than 230 thousand TikTok followers, who has amassed 5 million likes on the social media platform. He regularly posts insights into his life as a dairy farmer including milking facts and his daily routines. Not one to shy away from contentious topics, Farmer Andy often responds to questions about farm practice and will answer questions from people who are vegan.

Mandy Mathews

New Zealand farmer turned Western Australian farmhand, Mandy Mathews shares her passion for sheep by posting her day-to-day work and life on a Brookton property, where she is the sole sheep farm hand. Mandy’s passion for educating people on the significance of agriculture is also a large part of her online presence. The kiwi shares her daily tasks in an easy-to consume way, perfect for a large portion of her audience who are unaccustomed to the inner-workings of running livestock. And with more than 220,000 followers and 6.3 million likes, it seems to be a winning formula!

Tara Bellerose

Farmer Tara studies environmental management and is a keen advocate for climate action. Her content includes biodiversity warnings, sheep facts for beginners and an in-depth look into the effects of a changing climate on farming. Her educational yet often humorous way at tackling farm education and information has seen her profile grow to more than 530 thousand followers and a whopping 24.9 million likes.


Facts about Sheep you didn’t know! 🐑 #sheep #australia

♬ drivers license – Olivia Rodrigo

Tipping Point pt 1 THE REALITY OF FARMING in Australia #gotaminute #screenforever #farming 👩🏻‍🌾🌱

♬ original sound – Tara Bellerose

Zoe Carter

Farmhand Zoe Carter works on stations in Western Australia and is passionate about promoting agriculture as a career pathway for young people. Online she shares day-to-day tasks, her close relationship with the animals she works with, and tips and tricks for those looking to work in the industry. Already she has more than 170,000 followers and a massive 3.1 million likes.


I packed up and left one day and I never looked back! Go find your horse dream and work on a Cattle Station 🥰 (motorbike one coming soon) #aussie #fy

♬ original sound – Hayley Andersen

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