Innovation in Australian Agriculture

Australian farmers are known across the globe for growing some of the world’s best food and fibre.

That incredible produce is the result of generations of innovation – not just on farms, but in universities and research institutions across Australia.

As farmers, we’re driven to grow better products in smarter, more sustainable ways. Whether it’s using satellites to monitor plant growth, or converting waste to renewable energy to lower emissions – the way that we farm is never standing still.

Through The Backstory we’re giving you a backstage pass to discover the innovation backstory behind some of our farm-grown favourites.

Learning more about innovation in agriculture

Hi, I’m Rachel McCann.

Join me as I break free from the city to meet Aussie farmers around Australia, and hear how innovation is changing the way they grow the world’s best food and fibre.

There’s so much to learn. Jump into the stories below to uncover these hidden backstories.

Merino wool at Avington Merino

Aussie beef at Barfield Station

Fresh tomatoes at Flavorite

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