Pineapple shines in morning mood booster smoothie

There’s nothing more enjoyable than fresh juicy fruit smoothie to perk you up in the morning and get you ready for the day!

In this My Market Kitchen’s latest episode, Queensland pineapple grower Gavin Scurr talks about how he grows pineapples and how tight knit the pineapple industry is.

Inspired by Gavin’s fresh product, My Market Kitchen host and dietitian and nutritionist Jemma O’Hanlon creates the ‘Morning Mood Booster’, a delicious smoothie packed full of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants!


4 ice cubes

2 cups Australian watermelon

1 cup Australian pineapple

1 Australian orange

2 Australian carrots

1 tsp fresh Australian ginger

¼ cup coconut water

1 tbsp fresh Australian mint leaves


  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.
  2. Serve in a glass with some extra fruit speared on a toothpick and a sprig of mint.

Jemma’s tip: When in season, add 2 Australian lychees to the blender and substitute 1 cup of Australian watermelon with 6 Australian cherries (seeds removed). You can also add ½ cup yoghurt to add a boost of calcium for strong bones.

Download the full recipe courtesy of My Market Kitchen: here.

Find out more about third generation Queensland pineapple grower Gavin below:


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