What rice variety best suits?

Did you know, each day, up to 40 million people across the globe eat Australian rice or that Australian grown rice uses 50% less water than the global average to grow quality rice?

But not all rice grown in Australia is the same!

And with so many varieties available, it can often be difficult to decide which one to use in the kitchen. To help, the Australian Farmers team shares top varieties and how best to pair them, with the help of SunRice.

White medium grain rice

image: smart kitchen

You’ll often find this white medium grain rice in a risotto. This is due to the rounded (and shorter) shape of the grain, which makes it ideal for absorbing creamy dishes.

Did you know? Rice sowing in Australia typically takes place between October – November


Black rice

image: Sunrice

This rice is perfect for dessert meals! This chewy, rich rice variety turns a dark purple when cooked, giving any meal a bright burst of colour. Not only is it high in magnesium, but it’s a great natural source of protein, energy and fibre.

Brown rice

image: clean and delicious

The brown colour of brown rice is due to bran layer not being removed when milling – this gives it a firmer texture when eating. Brown rice can be subbed in for any white rice recipe. Its health benefits come from being a wholegrain, which means it is high in fibre and can lower cholesterol.

For more information, recipes and fun facts, head to SunRice.


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