AustralianFarmers’ Top 5 sweet-as strawberry recipes

This week Australians everywhere came out in support of the hard yakka our strawberry farmers put in to deliver this iconic fruit to our plates!

Here is a taste-test of AustralianFarmers’ favourite strawberry recipes. Remember to chop before you chomp! Cut em’ up, don’t cut em’ out!


This recipe has been personally supported by our Prime Minister Scott Morrison!

Ice cream 

What better way to enjoy this beautiful spring weather than with a cone of homemade strawberry ice cream?

Scones with strawberry cream

Name something more Aussie than scones with cream and strawberries… I’ll wait.

Photo: Taste.com.au

Strawberry jam

The perfect accompaniment to scones and the best way to start your mornings with some homemade jam on toast, yum!

Strawberry Daiquiri

A sweet cocktail that is a guaranteed party pleaser at this weekend’s gatherings!


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