#BuyFromTheBush brings country spirit to the city

Christmas is just around the corner and while a majority of Australians are busy preparing for the big day, those in rural communities are preparing themselves for a hot, dry summer.

#BuyFromTheBush was an initiative that started on social media in October this year with the intention of spreading the word about beautiful boutiques and wares from small bush communities.

As farmers and rural communities continue to suffer through one of the worst droughts on record and dry conditions expected to continue into the new year, morale is low.

The excitement around #BuyFromTheBush has brought some much-needed festive spirit and cheer to rural towns and communities as small businesses across Australia welcome the influx of Christmas shoppers.

Founder Grace Brennan said the support had been incredible, but wasn’t too surprised that people in the city were engaging with the page.

“I think they do care a lot what’s happening out there and also they’re enjoying finding the beautiful things that are available in the bush,” Ms Brennan said.

“I think the success of it is partly because they care and partly because the bush businesses are delivering something really special to them.

“So it’s incredible, the growth that’s occurred, but part of me is not surprised.”

The last time Australian Farmers reported on #BuyFromTheBush, the Instagram page had just reached over 50k followers.

It now boasts 148k followers and has recently launched a sister page #StayInTheBush that promotes accommodation in rural communities.

#BuyFromTheBush and #StayInTheBush will hold a pop up market in Sydney this week (Thursday 12 December, 8am – 8pm in Martin Place).

The initiative has caught the attention of many high profile Australians who have themselves purchased from the businesses featured and in turn urged people to get on board.

With plenty of goodies on sale and only two weeks until Christmas, you’re bound to find something for everyone on #BuyFromTheBush.

Tegan Scott

Is the Community & Engagement Officer at the National Farmers' Federation.

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