Tips & tricks for storing your favourite dairy products

During the COVID-19 pandemic, food storage has become a hot topic as more people look for tips and tools for how to better store their leftovers and fresh produce in an attempt to avoid food wastage.

Dairy Australia has prepared some helpful tips and tricks for how to store fresh dairy products such as milk and cheese. Keep reading to find out more:

Can you freeze milk?

As many rural and remote families can attest, YES, you can freeze milk for up to 3 months while maintaining its quality, defrost in the fridge and then consume within 3-4 days.


  • Use a permanent marker to write the date it is going in the freezer.
  • There may be some separation, so shake the container vigorously to make sure it’s smooth and homogeneous before using.

Can you freeze cheese?

Yes, you can freeze hard cheeses when grated first.

Hard cheeses like parmesan, cheddar and mozzarella are great frozen. Dairy Australia recommend you grate them first, pop them in a ziplock or freezer bag and then use them straight from frozen in your cooking.

We do not recommend freezing fresh cheeses like ricotta or soft cheeses like brie or blue cheese. Freezing will affect their structure and overall quality. However, if these cheeses are being used in dishes like lasagne or quiches and then the dish is frozen, this will be perfectly fine.

What is the best way to store gourmet cheese?

Gourmet cheese is best stored by wrapping it in baking paper and then place in a non-airtight container in the fridge.

Can I use milk after the use by date?

The ‘use-by’ date indicates the date until which the product can be safely consumed and therefore it’s best to avoid drinking milk beyond the specified ‘use- by’ date on the label.

What is the best way to store butter?

Butter is best kept refrigerated at 4°C, protected from light and sealed in its original container or wrapping until it is used.

Butter will keep refrigerated for up to eight weeks, but it is best purchased when required. Properly sealed butter may be kept frozen for up to 12 months.  

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