5 best things about a country show

Show day is the biggest event on the calendar for many communities – a chance to showcase the region’s finest rams, bulls, chooks and more and for the community to come together.  Australian Farmers looks at the 5 best things about country shows. 
  1. Country Cooking

Whether it be a delicious steak sandwich fresh off the barbecue or the CWA baking competition where there are scones and cakes galore, one thing is for sure – you never go hungry at a country show!  


2. Wood Chop

A staple for some of the larger rural towns, the wood chop competition is not for the faint of heart. The competition draws in big crowds as people watch in awe at the display of strength, endurance and skill by the axe men and women!  

Royal Launceston Show sees 80-year-old woodchopper return for another swing of the axe Photo: ABC News – Manika Dadson

3. Poultry pavilion

The poultry pavilion features some of the best-looking fowls in town. Preened and primed, the competition is always tough in the chook shed, thanks to the unrivaled passion and precision of poultry professionals.  

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4. Every player gets a prize!   

Nothing says ‘show day’ like the sight of side-show alley rolling into town. Country shows don’t typically attract have the biggest rides but they are the most anticipated. From the jumping castle, to the clowns to the dodgem cars the look on the kids’ faces says it all!   

Nothing says ‘show day’ like the sight of side-show alley rolling into town.

5. Community spirit   

Country shows are run entirely by volunteers. Community members who work all year around for their towns’ day of days. Without them the show just would not go on.  

The all-female Dalgety Show Society committee.

Have we got the top five things about country shows right? Let us know what your favourite things are! 

Tegan Scott

Is the Community & Engagement Officer at the National Farmers' Federation.

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