Consumer purchasing meat in supermarket

7 steps to safe shopping for fruit & vegetables

The current COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our way of life, with everyday tasks such as grocery shopping now requiring a few additional important health and safety measures to ensure the virus doesn’t spread.

PMA Australia-New Zealand Limited (PMA A-NZ), Australia’s leading fresh produce trade association, has put together a helpful list to keep consumers safe while shopping for fresh produce.

1.When you need to shop, identify and plan your purchases, reduce how often you undertake shopping trips, and ensure your time in store is kept to a minimum.

2. Don’t mix with people – keep your distance from other shoppers and the general public – the big threat isn’t food or food packaging, it’s other people.

Consumer purchasing meat in supermarket

3. Where possible use hand sanitiser or disinfectant wipes in

4. Wash your hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds
before and after handling your groceries.

5. Don’t sanitise your groceries or their packages – there is no
evidence of food or food packaging being associated with
transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19.

6. Prepare and wash your fruit and vegetables as normal –
wash them in cold running water, and peel and cook where
appropriate – don’t use soaps or detergents.

7. Wash your hands frequently: when you come in, after
handling your groceries, before preparing food, and before
you eat – use warm water and soap and wash for 20 seconds

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