Buying Aussie avocados made easy

Lovers of smashed avocado who want to support Australian grown can rejoice, with new labelling making it easier to buy locally grown avocados.

There’s nothing more Aussie than a kangaroo, which is why the iconic native animal features on the industry’s new labelling, allowing people to easily identify Australian grown avocados.

The industry body, Avocados Australia’s recent survey found 55 per cent of consumers found it difficult to identify Australian avocados on supermarket shelves – a problem when 72 per cent of people said buying local avocados was important to them.

The new label aims to address this with the branding driving the Australian grown messaging home by also using the national colours green and gold.

Avocados Australia Chief Executive Officer, John Tyas, believes that the new label is an important asset to the industry.

“We know that 72 per cent of consumers stated when purchasing avocados, it is either very important or extremely important that their avocados are grown in Australia. By having a label that clearly identifies Australian grown avocados we are helping consumers easily identify and buy Australian grown avocados.”

Find more information about Avocados Australia’s Industry Label here.


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