Sustainability key to longevity for QLD beef producer Melinee Leather

Central Queensland beef producer Melinee Leather is an industry leader and sustainability advocate. Producing organic and humane certified beef, Melinee and her husband Robert are passionate about animal wellbeing and natural grass fed beef.  

“We constantly have to be willing to change and step up as time goes on and I think an important part of that is listening to what our customers and consumers are saying,” said Ms Leather.

“An important part of that is making sure that we want a healthy environment and world for our children and grandchildren.”

Focused on long-term sustainability, Melinee is working to ensure the land, cattle and industry remain productive for her children, grandchildren and future generations. 

We’re thinking very long term. So how do we set the properties up and the environment up for the long term sustainability for our family.

This long-term thinking has lead the Leathers to plant legume crop leucaena on the family property in Banana. Growing leucaena has enabled them to give their cattle the best quality feed while reducing their emissions and sequestering carbon into the soil. 

“It’s important that we’ve got a really healthy environment for our cattle so we’ve got to consider the health of our soils, the health of our pastures,” she said.

Watch Melinee’s story below.

This story first appeared on Australian GoodMeat.

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