There’s more to know about avocados

A staple part of any Australian’s diet, avocados are a delicious addition to many dishes.

Whether it’s on your toast in the morning, on your salad at lunch, or for dipping at snack time, avocados are an incredibly delicious and versatile ingredient.

Having first arrived in Australia in 1840 in seed form and planted in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney, Australia’s avocado industry has grown exponentially over the years.

Currently avocado orchards are found in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania and are available all year round due to the widespread and climatically diverse growing regions.

In 2019/20, Australian growers produced just over 87,546 tonnes of avocados which was 2% more than the previous year.

The highest volume of fruit is available between March and November with two main varieties grown in Australia, Hass (in season from May through to January) and Shepard’s (in season from February to May).

A source of good fats, fibre, vitamins C, B5, E & K, avocados contain a range of nutrients and antioxidants that are known to keep you healthy and put a smile on your face.

Keep reading to find out more about the health benefits of avocados:

Avocados are a great source of healthy fats

Avocados are rich in healthy, good fats. In fact, avocados are the only fruit apart from olives to contain monounsaturated fats.

Gone are the days of fat-phobia but why exactly are these fats good for us? Healthy fats help you absorb essential fat-soluble nutrients (such as vitamin E), reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, help maintain heart health, promote healthy skin and are great for the waistline.

In fact, research has found that people who eat avocado weigh less, have a lower BMI and a smaller waist than people who avoided the delicious fruit.

Avocados are nutrient dense

We need two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables a day. While technically a fruit, avocado is often used like a vegetable. A delicious way to ensure you are getting optimum nutrition from your fruits and vegetables is to make one a serve of avocado.

The unique combination of vitamins and minerals found in avocados can help keep your immune system fighting fit, boost energy, enhance brain power, build bone, aid gut health, support healthy skin and can even put you in a better mood. Basically, avocados make everything better.

It’s little wonder there are so many health benefits when a single serve of avocado (1/4 or 50g) boasts healthy fats, fibre, folate, niacin, vitamins C, B5, E & K, potassium and antioxidants.

This amazing fruit can also boost the nutrition of other healthy foods. Research shows adding avocado to a salad can increase your ability to absorb goodies from other colourful ingredients five-fold (e.g. lycopene from red tomatoes and beta carotene from orange carrots).

They’re great for mums and bubs

Nutritional needs are increased during pregnancy so enjoying nutrient dense foods like avocado is a great way to ensure you are getting bigger bang per mouthful.

Avocados are a source of folate which helps support a healthy pregnancy, B vitamins to fight tiredness, and healthy fats to boost the nutrient absorption from other foods.

With their soft, creamy texture, mild flavour and impressive nutrient composition, avocados are also a great first food for bubs. The vitamins and minerals found in a single serve of avocado assist with infant growth and development, brain function, muscles and nerves, bones and teeth, vision, skin and hair, healthy gut, immunity and the absorption of iron.

They make you feel good

Did you know what you put in your mouth doesn’t just affect your body but can impact your brain and nervous system?

Avocados contain a brain-loving bundle of nutrients that help put you in a good mood, boost your energy levels and fight fatigue – talk about the ultimate food to kickstart your day! 

It’s avocados delicious combination of niacin, folate, potassium, vitamin B5 and C that help your brain and nervous system perform at its best. 

For more fun facts about Australian avocados plus a range of avocado inspired recipes, visit Australian Avocados.


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