Choose your #AgVenture this National Agriculture Day

From the paddock to production and even policy development, working in agriculture is as diverse as it is vast when it comes to choosing a career.

That is why this National Agriculture Day, Australians across the nation, country or city-based are encouraged to explore the many career pathways available in agriculture and embark on their very own #AgVenture.

Held on Friday, 19 November, AgDay will celebrate stories from those already in the industry to highlight the many different jobs in the agriculture sector, and hopefully inspire a new generation of work-goers to consider a career in ag. It’s a day of celebration for the industry – a chance to take stock of the significant contributions made to the lives of all Australians through ag, and invite people who may not know much about the industry to give ag a go!

In the lead up to November’s event, let’s debunk some popular myths about working in agriculture.

1. You have to live on a farm, or have family, who do
This is a very common misconception. If you do want to go into farming, having lived or having access to a property does tend to make things easier but it isn’t a pre-requisite for a career in agriculture! Many people in the industry whether it be farming, agricultural policy or even stock and station work, come from non-farming backgrounds and do so successfully. Agriculture is just like any other career path. Not many bankers would have grown up living in a bank, would they?

2. It’s a niche industry
There is a job for everybody in agriculture – whether it’s riding the boundary fences of a Top End cattle station or designing machine technology for food production, the agriculture supply chain is enormous. All you need is a passion and a job in agriculture will appear.

3. It’s all science and mathematics based
While science and maths do play a very exciting and significant role at the forefront of agricultural production, there are many career paths in agriculture that require different strengths and skillsets. For example, rural reporters, podcasters, social media coordinators, sustainable fashion bloggers and media advisors are all roles within the industry with a focus on the arts and communications. Telling to story of agriculture is just as important as living it!

4. You have to live in the bush to work in agriculture
From laboratories to parliament, there is an abundance of agriculture jobs based in the cities. It could be breeding the next break-through wheat variety in inner-city Brisbane, helping to develop policy on the hill, or advocating for the industry at NFF House in Canberra – the possibilities are endless.

For more information on careers in agriculture or to register your AgDay event, head to National Agriculture Day.

Maddison Langley

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