A farmer’s touching tribute

With a great deal of the country experiencing COVID-19 induced restrictions and ongoing lockdowns, many families have been left unable to gather for emotional events, including weddings, births and funerals.

This was the case for Guyra, farmer, Ben Jackson, who was unable to attend his aunt’s funeral.

Instead the grazier dedicated a heartfelt tribute to his late aunt through a stunning sheep display.

Video curtesy of Ben Jackson

The aerial video shows a herd of sheep flocking to feed laid out in the shape of a heart. The video captures the slow formation of the heart as sheep continue to move in formation, all to the backdrop of Simon & Garfunkle’s emotional, hymn-like, Bridge over Troubled Water.

Due to border closures, the northern NSW farmer was not able to travel to Queensland for his Aunty Deb’s funeral.

This act instead, he said, was his way of paying tribute.

Mr Jackson told The Weekly Times: “I feel a bit hopeless here on the farm, but I wanted to show my love somehow. I know there are lots of people in worse situations, but it’s still painful.”

I hope Aunty Deb peeked out from the clouds and could see it from up there.

Maddison Langley

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